5 Best Ways to Consume Cannabis in 2022

Aside from smoking, there are other better ways of consuming cannabis. It is important to classify cannabis consumers into two groups: those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes and those who use cannabis for recreational purposes. Although some people belong to both groups, others identify with only one.

Both medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis are derived from the same plants. THC concentrations in recreational cannabis are high enough to be deemed psychoactive, and the herb is classified as such. That is why it is banned in the vast majority of jurisdictions worldwide. Hemp is typically regarded to be non-psychoactive because it does not contain THC.

After reading this article, you will better understand which usage is most suited to your lifestyle and medical condition.

Vaping: a form of inhalation

Vaping gained its popularity after e-cigarette was introduced. In a short time, the vaping industry has advanced significantly, and vapers can now cater to the varying ‘manias’ of their customers. They are able to heat the cannabis to just below the point of combustion, allowing the active components to be swallowed as vapor rather than the more hazardous smoke.

Consuming it in Food

Cannabis usage is quite prevalent among people who enjoy sweet things in their lives. Since cannabis is now legal in many jurisdictions and you can buy cheap weed quite easily, consumables containing cannabis are being developed and marketed, including in the form of handy tablets.

Make Oils

The cannabis plant is used to make topical oils. Unlike those found in food, they are applied to the skin and penetrate the dermis to alleviate pain and inflammation. The majority of the time, it is used medicinally. Cannabis topicals have little to no effect.

They can be used as Aerosol Sprays

These aerosols, which are used to spray beneath the tongue, are made by infusing liquids with THC or cannabinol (CBD), which are then used to consume cannabis. Medical cannabis users who wish to avoid the negative effects of smoking or remain undetected in locations where cannabis is still banned often employ this approach, which is difficult to detect.

Some people choose to mix the use of aerosols with traditional smoking. Different aerosols are sprayed on cannabis cigarettes to make them more appealing. In this manner, you’ll get a new flavor each time you eat it.


Tinctures are cannabis extracts that have been infused with either an ethanol/water combination or simply ethanol. If you put a few drops beneath your tongue, it will be absorbed into your system fast.

This method of cannabis consumption is extremely strong and quick-acting due to its high concentration. As a result, it is most commonly prescribed for medicinal causes, yet its potent effects make it a popular recreational drug.


Don’t fear to experiment with the other ways of consuming cannabis that we’ve listed here. Nothing like a deadly cannabis overdose has ever been documented. Although it is technically possible to overdose on THC, the consequences are not life-threatening. If you mistakenly ingest a large quantity of super-potent chocolate brownies, the worst that may happen is that you’ll become extremely high for a few hours.

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