SnowCap – Sledding’s Worst Nightmare!

If you are in need of a daytime pick me up, I may have the perfect solution. Snow Cap is a hybrid that favors more to the Sativa side of the two. This bud has light and dark green color mixed with brown hairs that glitter in light. You can really smell the pine in this smoke. Within seconds of having the cover removed from the container, I could smell pine everywhere. Stick your nose in the container and expect to be taken to a pine forest. Snow Cap gives you a thick heavy white smoke that tastes woody and earthy. The taste was very light, if barely there. Despite having a thick smoke, Snow Cap was very easy to smoke. I coughed very little when I smoked. This is not the densest buds, but still pretty compact.

The buzz hits very quickly, and you come up very lightly

I felt very uplifted and just in a playful mood. I imagine that this would be an amazing buzz to have for party games and group activities. Every time I took a hit off of the bong, I was trying to make smoke rings. This is a very easy going, take your mind off life, sorta bud.

About halfway through the buzz I found myself getting lost in thought and man did if keep forgetting things. You better keep something to drink handy too. Cotton mouth was fast to hit me. This bud still had me motivated to get things accomplished even after losing myself in the mirror, twice.

Don’t get too excited about Snow Cap

The buzz is over way too fast. I was back to Earth in a matter of 60 minutes. This would be an amazing smoke for daytime use. I would not use this before bed. I was very active in my mind for a long time after smoking. I really enjoyed this bud. I liked it so much that I am thinking of putting the strain on a normal rotation. I maybe in love with this strain, or maybe it was the cheap price. Either way, I would suggest you give this a try if you really need to get up and going. If you need that extra focus, motivation, uplifted feeling, this may be the perfect strain for you.

Are you looking for a great sativa party strain?

Something that is great for both wake & bake and late night use? Then Snowcap is exactly what you need. This strain is probably one of my favorites when all I want is a light mellow buzz and increased focus.

Snowcap immediately brings to mind mounds of icy peaks and powdery trichome trails. I’m making myself salivate just describing it. Instead it looks nothing like that. It’s a very hairy orange weed with rich blue-purple nugs. Snowcap is very sticky and dense and looks very delicious.

I took a big hit of this and was really surprised with how EASY it was to smoke; I couldn’t even taste it. Snowcap is so light and airy that you would almost think you’ve done none at all. I can barrel this down like it is nothing at all.

Then bam, you’re pushed along like a speeding bullet leaving the chamber. Woosh go your ears as the Sativa head high kicks in. Your eyes find the nearest object and BAM. Focused. Your mind feels like it makes connections and clears away a bit of the daily fog. This makes it killer for talking with friends and hanging out any night of the week. It’s so easy to talk for hours and enjoy a movie with a strain like this.

Snowcap is one of my favorite wake and bake strains; it gives you the focused energized feeling without making your heart feel like it is going to explode. A lot of other strains pound your heart out of your chest like it’s an Indy car race and Evel Knievel is at the wheel. I feel very smooth on it, able to focus and since the high is a little light I don’t feel unproductive. Instead, I would argue that productivity increased. I got so much done at work smoking this weed.

The entire comedown is relatively pleasant

The high drifts away without too much of a notice. The main downside is that this whole experience is very short. The buzz lasts an hour usually, which isn’t good if you want something more long term. I definitely recommend this strain if you want something light, mellow, and focused. If you’re reaching for the moon and beyond, then you’ll want something quite a bit stronger.