How To Roll A Blunt & Smoke It

If you want to smoke a fat blunt but don’t know how to make one, then follow these easy steps. This guide will give you everything you need to know to become an expert craftsman. You just need a few materials, a good technique, and some tips to help you with your smoke. Sit back, relax, it’s time to roll.


  • 1 Gram of Quality Weed From Your Favorite Dispensary
  • 1 Flamethrower (A lighter will suffice but won’t be near as fun)
  • 1 Blunt Wrap (Swisher Sweets, Kingpin, etc.)
  • Try a flavored wrap for a different taste.
  • Small knife or scissors
  • A small amount of saliva.

How To Make:

  • Break open your blunt and scrape out the tobacco with your finger.
  • Lick around the edges of your wrap with your tongue. You don’t want to make it soggy by licking it like a Saint Bernard, you just want enough to moisten it.
  • Fill the wrap with 1 gram (or desired amount) of marijuana, distributing it equally throughout the blunt wrap.
  • On each side of the wrap place your thumb on the bottom and your index & ring finger grabbing underneath the blunt and the other side respectively. This forms a cradle with your hands. Now begin to roll the closer edge under the opposite side of the wrap.
  • Going from one side to the other form a tight cylinder with the wrap by tucking one edge under the other and rolling it up.
  • Not to tight! Leave a tiny amount of room for it to breath.
  • After it’s rolled, lick the open edge so that it seals the crease and keeps it from falling apart.
  • PROTIP: Get your dog to help if you are out of saliva!
  • Use your lighter or a heat source to lightly scold the crease of the blunt, causing the seal to harden.
  • It’s time to smoke.

How To Smoke:

  • With the blunt unlit take a small drag from each end to figure out which side will hit better.
  • Without the blunt being in your mouth, burn the end you want to light to get rid of excess paper.
  • Put the blunt in your mouth and light it like a cigar. Give it a small spin or two to make sure it gets evenly lit.
  • Use saliva or the tip of your lighter to stop any cherries or runs from causing an uneven smoke.
  • Puff the magic dragon.