As the recreational marijuana boom moves forward, it is creating a number of opportunities in other industries, including tourism. Recreational states such as Colorado and Washington are already experiencing the increase in tourists, a trend which they only expect will continue.


There are a number of cannabis-infused attractions that are available, most of which are currently in Colorado and Washington, but we can expect that more will surface in other recreational states like Alaska and Oregon.

Cannabis & Cuisine

Cannabis food tours are a new form of tourism, especially in Denver. You can book a four-hour Foodie Tour with My 420 Tours, which is located in Denver, allowing you to smoke and try food from a number of restaurants in the city.

There are also cooking classes and cannabis and drink tours, which highlight beer, cannabis, and a good time!

Dispensary Tours

Most cannabis enthusiasts are particularly interested in one thing: the dispensaries. However, you won’t get the full experience if you just walk inside and browse the storefront. Just like when you visit a brewery, you must check out how everything works behind closed doors, which involves taking an actual tour.

Planning to visit a recreational dispensary? You can book tours in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and Alaska.

Cannabis-Infused Massage

Yes, there is such a thing as a cannabis-infused massage, and you can get one in Denver. If your idea of a vacation is less hustle and bustle and more deep relaxation, this may be the perfect addition to your alpine getaway.


If you want marijuana to be less of a focal point in your trip and more for enrichment, never fear! All of the current recreational states have beautiful sights to see, including Colorado’s great mountains, Washington’s Space Needle and ocean views, the Northern Lights in Alaska, and Oregon’s waterfalls.


There are a number of things to do in Alaska, including wildlife tours, whale-watching, fishing, and glacier tours. After you pay a visit to an Alaskan dispensary, go see the Northern Lights or try some halibut fishing. If you have friends or family with you that does not partake in marijuana use, they will never be bored or feel held back by your interests in the beautiful glacier state!


Colorado is one of the most widely-known states for its recreational marijuana, but there are lots of other things to see as well. The spectacular mountain state is the number one skiing destination, and is also a great location for white-water rafting and wildlife tours. If you’re more interested in city life, check out some of Denver’s art districts and catch a show at Red Rocks, an amphitheater that was built right into nature.


Washington is a beautiful state once appreciated for its grunge scene and today appreciated for its recreational cannabis. Go to Seattle for art districts, delicious cuisine, and of course, the Space Needle! Some other activities include whale-watching, wildlife tours, and traveling their mountainous scenic byways.


Oregon has a number of things to do other than partake in their recreational marijuana. Portland is full of interesting art, cuisine, and of course, the famous “Keep Portland Weird” sign. If cities aren’t your thing, just stop and get your cannabis and check out Mt. Hood and The Gorge.


In states such as Colorado, the Department of Tourism is not going to promote cannabis vacations, but in the future, that may change. With the influx in tourism, cannabis vacations may become the new norm for enthusiasts that wish to indulge in the culture. Even if you may not be able to live in a recreational state, you can always visit one and engage in all the exciting activities that locals do.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to a recreational state today!