Afpak – A Top Shelf Marijuana Strain

Afpak has a smooth taste and a strong smell that says I’m going to mess you up. This weed has a lot of little brown hairs all over this dark green bud. It was not very dense at all. This bud is an Indica, but not the normal Indica that I have smoked. This Indica left me energized and motivated to get out.

This bud has a slow come up, but very noticeable when high is attained. As the effects began to kick in I noticed an increase in my happiness and my heart rate. I felt energized and very happy. The come up on this bud is really nice. It’s strong, but does not lay you out on to the floor.

The peak with Afpak is pretty nice too

Afpak gives you full body tingle. I was also very easily lost into things. I would just focus so hard on things that I got lost. All the while never feeling tired or couch lock. I bet that this would be an amazing bud to smoke on a hike or just being outdoors in general.

After you hit this be prepared to want more. I wanted another bowl two seconds after I hit it. This reminded me a lot of Green Crack. I would say that within 45 minutes I peaked. It was an easy comedown. I was not hit with a sudden realization that I was not high. It was a nice gradual. I hate when a weed brings me down kicking and screaming.

All and all, I would smoke this bud again. I found it very nice and uplifting. I would really like to have a few joints and go hiking. I think that this would really let this weed work its magic. The only complaint I have is the amount it would take to stay high.

Afpak sounds like a cross between Pac-Man and ALF. ALF, or Alien Life Form, as his friends call him enjoys a bowl or two every once in awhile. When ALF chooses to smoke up he chooses Afpac. So, let’s get down to it.

Afpac is an interesting strain, and one of my personal favorites. It has very condensed bushy buds. It’s dark, and hairy , and when you put it up to your nose a strong woody feral smell wafts up. When I hear the term dank, a bud like this is what I think of .

On inhale you feel the high immediately, and as you suck in on your piece you’re reaching for your head and feeling the rush. The high goes up quite fast and then leads into a nice rolling wave feeling after a few minutes.

This strain is a great night time strain

You can use it to go to bed or to stay awake as well since it is easy to fight off. I wouldn’t recommend for the hardcore insomniacs, but if you want to drift into a calm sleep it is very nice. Walking outdoors with this strain is an interesting experience. A nice foresty hike or simply some peaceful fishing would be great with this.

Afpak makes music sound like bliss. Here’s an idea. Why not try listening to an audiobook while taking a few fat rips. Or if you are feeling daring, check out our post on 5 Awesome Sites To Make Your Own Music. It’s an intense experience. If Afpak were a smoking jacket it would be made of tweed.

I really enjoy Afpak but would not include it in any normal rotation. I would only enjoy this occasionally so that the experience doesn’t grow old.