Blue Dream – A Relaxing Medical Marijuana Strain

Sometimes in life we just like to kick back, relax and enjoy the world. Blue Dream is a great marijuana strain for just that. It’s the pink panther of weed. Smooth on the outside but just a tad gooey on the inside.

Blue Dream’s bud smells sticky sweet, like a tangerine crossed with a pineapple. The powdered coating of crystals outside compliments the sweet tropical smell. The nugs themselves are a bright green with plenty of nice orange hairs to burn.

Immediately the taste of blueberries hits your tongue on inhale

The taste is a very sweet, and surprisingly strong. The high hits first in the head which lifts you up and makes you feel really smooth. Anxiety, stress, and pain lift right off your shoulders and you feel a bit energized.

This is a really good regular smoke, or after work smoke, because of the sense of calm. Also, playing video games or watching a comedy movie is a fun experience. If you’re looking for something with a great strength you might want to look elsewhere, but if you are looking for a slightly intense Pink Panther experience this is a solid choice.

I enjoyed every bowl but felt it lacking in buzz length. The entire high lasted around an hour which wasn’t terribly bad, hell if you want to stay smooth you can always smoke another bowl!

If you yearn to be as suave, smooth, and fuscia as the Pink Panther then Blue Dream will rock your world. It’s worth giving a try for the amazing blueberry taste alone.

Blue Dream is a pretty sticky bud

It is almost shimmery with the tiny crystals; dark green with brown hairs covering the entire bud. It smells like a dream. It has a wonderful berry like smell. I couldn’t stop smelling of the container. This has to be one of the best tasting smokes too. I was really surprised that the taste matched the smell. It was so easy to smoke, and the exhale was just the same.

I felt like I was on cloud 9 when the hit took its hold. I had one of the best highs on this weed. Everything was great. I was very happy about life and everything in it. I was very euphoric and just all around in a better mood. You really notice a sense of relaxation and clear headedness. The sense of well being is enough to get me back in the dispensary to get more of this great smoke.

I would warn that I did smoke a lot that night

I had previously tried Blue Dream and was not that impressed. The next time I just went head first in to the bong, and it was well worth it. I had a huge difference in experience versus the previous time. The previous time I felt nothing much other than a sense of happiness. I do enjoy getting blazed, so that could be the reason I was not as impressed.

I would recommend this to anyone that needs a good relaxing smoke. This bud really helped me to relax after a long day. The huge sense of well being that you have would be great for someone that is depressed or may have social anxiety. I felt those types of stresses melt away. I was also happy did not get any couch lock, or an increased appetite. So if you need that type of medication I would keep looking. This is a Sativa, and you can really tell.

The duration of the high was close to 2 hours. I was happy about how the medication slowly tapers off and did not just leave you hanging. I felt no craving to do more. I was left refreshed and ready to move on to what’s next. Overall, this is a great smoke. I would suggest this for anyone that is wanting a good social uplifting high.