Green Crack – A Pinecone Salad In The Mouth

The first thing I noticed about Green Crack was its Double Bubble smell. Man this bud smelt great. This medication has some of the brightest green and sparkling buds. This is not a dense smoke. You really notice a sweet almost nutty flavor when you inhale the smoke and you really notice the flavor on the exhale.

Green Crack can be an intense high

It took a few minutes for the buzz to kick in, but it was worth the wait. This is a Sativa and you can most definitely feel it. Man did I ride the waves into space when I smoked this bud. I can remember thinking to myself that this was amazing. You have this great floating feeling when the medicine takes hold. I had an instant energy increase. I did nothing but run around the house and clean.

I would not recommend this to anyone that needs to sit still. I am planning on getting this again for a hike. This would make the entire hike make me feel one with nature. I would suggest this for anyone that is feeling stir crazy and wants to get out. This would be a great time at a party too. I felt very social and extremely comfortable communicating with people while medicated.

This is a great wake and bake smoke. You can wake up have a nice smoke with your morning coffee and still be clear headed to tackle the day. If you need to be amped up and motivated, I suggest you take a toke on this. It may be very easy to build a tolerance to this strain; it is very easy to smoke.

The comedown was pretty quick for me

Like always, I was grabbing for the bong minutes after the buzz was wearing off. This strain brings your down easy. I did not have a hard craving for this when it was done. I always enjoy a good social buzz, so I had to oblige myself and have another hit. I will be getting another 1/8th or so of this so I can really get out doors and experience this sweet smoke.

This is one marijuana strain that is exactly as advertised. It’s green. It’s crack. This is probably the fastest I’ve ever plowed through a strain before. One minute I had an 1/8th, the next I had an empty container. We had a small funeral; an affair for friends and family only. There were teary goodbyes and it was all set to a jamming Daft Punk soundtrack.

That might have been a little extreme, but damn is this stuff tasty. The smell of Green Crack is amazing it smells exactly like a pack of bubbleyum bubblegum. You can practically feel the sugary crystals flying into your nose after every whiff. The look of the bud is very stringy with quite a few trichomes that allow it to sparkle in the light.

On inhale it tastes very herbal

It was a pinecone salad in my mouth. Not amazingly pleasant but the sugary taste comes rolling back in on exhale. Then the high hits. It’s a bit subtle but definitely strong.

At its peak, I usually got a bit tired and wanted to chill and relax. Small quantities were great for wake and baking. I had enough focus to accomplish tasks. Larger hits made me space out and just want to get lost in something, anything.

Great uses would be outdoor hiking, watching a movie, seeing a concert. Medically I feel this would be really great for pain, anxiety, and depression. There is a reason this strain is a classic. It’s a good all-around Sativa head buzz. The only danger is plowing through your stash in 5 seconds flat.