J-1 – Friend or Foe? A Strain Review

J1 is a powerful marijuana strain hands-down and bar none. It sets you down like a boyfriend or girlfriend about to reveal bad news, gets you settled comfy in the chair, and then smashes into your face like a fury of Mike Tyson knockouts. Long story short, you wake up from it all about 2 hours later with a feather boa around your neck, fourteen farm animals rummaging through your pantry, and a 5 inch scar on your forehead.

The first thing you’ll notice about J1 is that it smells rather woody with a bit of fruit mixed in. It’s has a nice frosty light green color with orange hairs covering the rest of its body.

I packed up a bowl of this stuff and hit it hard. The smoke is a little harsh, and isn’t the smoothest thing in the world, but any semi-experienced smoker won’t even bat an eye. This weed hits you fast; then hits you faster.

I’ll be honest, the first time I tried J1 I had a really bad trip

I got really paranoid, freaked out a little bit, and didn’t really want to touch the stuff for a while afterwards. My circumstances were a bit extreme, though. I had just finished a 2000 mile car ride, gotten home exhausted and not entirely in the right frame of mind. I only mention this because this strain may be more prone to paranoid feelings, especially for those susceptible to them.

The ten or fifteen times after this one were the exact opposite.; I felt euphoric, like watching a movie and getting caught up in the characters. Listening to music was a very intense experience. Stress vanished and I felt relaxed and mellow. This is definitely a heavy sativa.

The high hits a peak fast and then starts a lingering plateau downward. J1 doesn’t have a very enjoyable comedown. It feels as though you plummet right out of the sky. This leaves you wanting to pack another bowl and start the experience all over again.

In all, this strain was very potent and not for a newbie. I was really happy with the mellow and euphoric feeling but was left a little wanting with the length of the initial peak. I would definitely consider getting this again but more as a novelty and not as an addition to the rotation.

J1 is an interesting intense trip every time you medicate. This is a nice bud that can shoot you to the moon. The buds are pretty big on this plant; and not to mention very hairy. When you crack open a bud you are hit with an almost citrus note. The smoke was a bit harsh. J1 provides a thick heavy smoke with a lemony taste on the exhale. My head was rushing only minutes after I took a hit of the J1.

Get ready to be blasted into space, and way beyond. The buzz comes on quick. I was hit like a ton of bricks; and when it does you feel like you can take on the world. The buzz is amazing and hard hitting. My mood was completely uplifted and I felt like I could run a mile. My energy skyrocketed. Anyone that doesn’t enjoy the drag of an Indica should love this medication. Anyone that needs help getting motivated should consider this bud.

Once you have peaked J1 makes you focus

I found myself going deep in my head a lot while buzzed. If you are having trouble with an idea or something creative I would suggest J1 for this issue. I found myself so motivated and focused that I did not want to stop working on projects.

This medication took me on a rollercoaster

I felt the extremes of my emotions. You have to stay positive and happy while buzzed. I had previously smoked this weed and was taken on an extremely harsh trip. I could only focus on the negative things in life. I would not suggest this for beginners. This would mess you up if you did not know how to respond to this medicine.

Coming down off of J1 is pretty harsh

This is a strong buzz and when it was over I found myself wanting to hit it again. You just feel so stress free while medicated with J1. I do want to caution how hard you hit this bud the first time. Make sure to dose. The first time I smoked I did almost white out. That sucks pretty hard. It almost turned me off of this fine bud. Like I said before, use cautions my friends. Despite my blunder, I really liked this strain. I would get this again in a heartbeat.